Always Prepared

Since its founding, Lux Auto Detailing, LLC has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. We offer a wide range of Detailing packages to fit every need.


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Stage 1 Detail

Our Entry Level Service

  • Exterior Foam Bathe 

  • High Gloss Spray Wax Applied

  • Deep Cleaning of Wheels

  • Tires Dressed

  • Light Interior Vacuum

  • Wipe Down of Seats, Console and Dash 

  • Glass Cleaned 

Coupes and Sedans $75

SUVs and Pick Ups: $90


Stage 2 Detail

Stay Shining

  • Exterior Foam Bathe

  • Mechanical Decontamination using Clay Bar

  • 6-Month Ceramic Based Sealant

  • Deep Cleaning of Wheels

  • Tires Dressed

  • Interior Vacuum 

  • Carpet Extraction

  • Chemical and Steam Based Cleaning of All Interior Surfaces 

  • Glass Cleaned

Coupes and Sedans: $160

SUVs and Pick Ups: $180


Stage 3 Detail

Showroom Finish

  • Exterior Foam Bathe

  • Mechanical and Chemical Decontamination using Clay Bar and Iron Deposit Removers

  • 1-Step Paint Enhancement 

  • 6-Month Graphene Based Coating Applied to Paint

  • Deep Wheel Cleaning 

  • Tires Dressed

  • Interior Vacuum

  • Crevices Cleaned using Compressed Air

  • Hot Water Extraction of Carpets

  • Chemical and Steam Based Cleaning of Full Interior 

  • Matte Finish UV Protectant Applied to Interior Dash and Trim

  • Glass Cleaned

Coupes and Sedans: $250

SUVs and Pick Ups: $300

*Add 1-Year Ceramic Coating for $100*


The Ultimate Luxury Package

The Pinnacle of Automotive Detailing

Starting at $1,500

  • Exterior Foam Bathe

  • Chemical and Mechanical Paint Decontamination

  • 2-Step Paint Correction

  • Wheels Removed, Cleaned and Ceramic Coated with IGL Coatings Wheel 

  • Calipers Deep Cleaned and Ceramic Coated Using IGL Eclipse

  • IGL Quartz+ Ceramic Coating applied to Paint (4 Year Durability)

  • Full Interior Detail utilizing Chemicals and Steam for a Deep Clean 

  • IGL Leather Ceramic Coating Applied to Interior 

  • Professional Photoshoot to Commemorate your Investment